A bash script-based framework
for building cross-compiling toolchains
and Linux distributions


A naughty, naughty teenage fantasy that bled into Illinois





Vorpo -- llama hunter
Ursinus -- younger brother of Vorpo
Antoninus -- cousin of Vorpo
Distrowatch -- collector of souls
gNewSense -- a well-coiffured distribution



vorpobuild is a collection of bash scripts and functions that allow you to write your own scripts for building toolchains and distributions. Writing your own scripts is nothing special, but vorpobuild makes your life easier by

vorpobuild will also offer the following in the future:



Creating a Linux distribution is an ultimate fantasy for many young boys, but upon attaining manhood, so often they realize the utter meaninglessness of adding yet another distribution to the smoldering heap of distributions that we call Distrowatch.

Through their quest, they become acquainted with many worthy tools and guides to create toolchains, distributions or pseudo-distributions, such as buildroot, crosstool-ng, and Linux From Scratch (LFS).

Yet each follows a different method often bound to a central concept (e.g., buildroot is mostly uClibc- based), which limits their flexibility. Moreover, the thoroughly transparent ones aren't efficient (e.g., LFS) whereas the blistering efficient ones aren't particularly transparent (e.g., crosstool-ng). And none allow us to arbitrarily change the build method without serious hacking.

vorpobuild addresses both the meaninglessness and difficulty of creating unique distributions and their toolchains with one tool.



vorpobuild is currently insanely pre-alpha, weighing in at an Earth-shattering v. It's functional and even useful, but it hasn't been cleaned up, made easy to install, or furnished with even the slightest amount of documentation. But go ahead and play with it.



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